Asymptomatic Testing – Students

Anyone who has had a positive COVID test in the last 90 days should not take part in the asymptomatic testing process until this time period has lapsed as it can lead to false positives.

If any symptoms of COVID do return in this period, the usual process of self-isolation and booking in for a PCR test should be followed. The lateral flow devices should not be used at any point if you are showing symptoms of COVID.

You need to record the result on both our tracking document as well as the NHS test and trace site.

You must record your result every time, regardless of the outcome (either positive, negative or void).

Thank you for all you’re doing to keep our community safe.

Asymptomatic testing using home testing kits

Testing is important because you could be carrying the virus and may spread it to others. Testing everyone without symptoms will support us to continue to keep the college open.  Simple and quick tests using antigen Lateral Flow Devices (LFD) enable rapid testing, from their home, without the need for a laboratory. This is opt-in but we would like as many students as possible to be completing these tests to keep our college community safe.

Testing will help to break chains of transmission. To participate, you will need to:

  • carry out twice weekly testing at home (3 to 4 days apart) before coming into college in the morning
  • maintain ‘hands-face-space’

IMPORTANT: Tests are only for the use of the person assigned the kits, they should not be taken by anyone else. Families of students in FE colleges are able to access testing kits from their local authority.

There is a clear video guide on the entire process of home testing from the DfE. Please watch this before attempting to take a test.

You will receive your home testing kit following your second on-site test on Thursday/Friday this week.

When you have completed the test, you will need to record the results on both the NHS test and trace site and an internal Microsoft form. We are going to set up a page with links to these for your convenience (to be circulated in the next 24 hours). You must record your result every time, regardless of the outcome (either positive, negative or void).

If you receive a positive test, you should immediately self-isolate, register this on both systems, book a confirmatory PRC test through the normal routes, and let the college know about your absence in the normal way.

Within the box there are seven test kits, which should last approximately 4 weeks. We will be putting a process into place for you to collect further testing kits and we will share this over the coming weeks. There is a note on the pack that these tests contain or could have come into contact with latex – if you have allergies to latex please seek further advice from your health professional.

Asymptomatic testing using the lateral flow test do not negate the need to self-isolate should you have any of the key symptoms. If you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 you should book for a PCR test rather than use the test kits provided.

Attached are two documents that provide more detail about self-testing as well as details on how to do a test on yourself.

If you have any questions or queries about asymptomatic testing please email so that we can manage these centrally.