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Assessment Release on Parent Portal

By 5th November 2021News for Parents
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During the first half term, both YR1 and YR2 students have had the opportunity to complete their initial subject assessments, and now this data is available for parents to view in the Achievement & Reviews tab of Parent Portal.

All students completed their Progress Point 1 Assessments (PP1) during the assessment window of 27th September – 1st October and have been given a RAG mark/rating to represent the quality of their engagement with the course material at that stage. The college uses a Red, Amber or Green rating to indicate whether our students are below, achieving or exceeding their Minimum Expected Grade (MEG) in each subject area.

Our students will be assessed once more during the assessment window of 15th – 19th November and the RAG marks/ratings for Progress Point 2 (PP2) will be released shortly.

In addition to course progress, Parent Portal also allows you to view your son/daughter’s:

  • Attendance information (Attendance & Absence tab)
  • Pastoral progress records to date (Commendations & Discipline tab)
  • Career aspirations and future intentions (Careers & Next Steps)