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Ace your Interview!

By 3rd April 2020Course News
ace your interview

With many of you set to have your Wyke Sixth Form College telephone interview after the Easter break (from April 20th), we’ve put together some top tips to help you feel more prepared – and help you ace it!

  • Set out a quiet space

Before your interview is due to start, set out a quiet space for the interview to take place. This may be in a quiet room away from the TV/ radio or any other distractions.

  • Be well prepared

Charge your mobile phone. Have any documents available that you may wish to refer to during the interview such as our college prospectus. Have a pen and paper ready to take down notes.

  • Take your time

Take your time when answering any questions and ask for time to think if you need it. It is always better to give a full answer rather than a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

  • Changing your course choices

Since making your application to the College, you may have changed your mind on your study programme. Read up on your new course choices and make sure to tell your interviewer of these new subjects.

  • Input the correct qualifications

Before your interview, it would be really helpful to make a list of the qualifications you were working towards at school with the correct qualification type, e.g. GCSE or BTEC. If any of these were originally inputted incorrectly, please do let your interviewer know.

  • Stay positive!

It can be normal to feel a little nervous before any interview but try to remember that these next steps are really exciting. Your Wyke interview really is nothing to worry about; it is informal and there to help ensure you are well informed about all aspects of college life and on the right track to your future career goals.

  • Ask questions

If you’ve got questions, don’t be shy. Ask away, and find out as much as you can. It shows that you’re interested. You can always write a list of specific questions beforehand. Common questions include; How is the timetable structured? What makes Wyke different to other colleges? What are the first few weeks like?