924 – Ings Road/Savoy Road (From September 2017)

Servicing Ings Road, Savoy Road, Sutton Road, Lambwath Road, James Reckitt Avenue, Summergangs Road, Chamberlain Road & Cottingham Road

Monday – Friday Term Time only


Students are reminded that they MUST be at the bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time.


  • Inward Journey

    Bus StopTime amPrice
    Ings Road/Savoy Road 7.55 50p
    Sutton Road/Lambwath Road 8.00 50p
    James Reckitt/Summergangs Road 8.05 50p
    Chamberlain Road 8.15 50p
    Cottingham Road (Hawarth Arms) 8.28 50p
    Wyke Sixth Form College8.40

  • Outward Journey

    Bus StopTime pmPrice
    Wyke Sixth Form College – William Gee4.15
    Cottingham Road (Hawarth Arms) 4.24 50p
    Chamberlain Road 4.35 50p
    James Reckitt/Summergangs Road 4.40 50p
    Sutton Road/Lambwath Road 4.45 50p
    Ings Road/Savoy Road 4.50 50p