Performing Arts

Grease is the Word!

Wyke Dance Troupe

Wyke perform William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar"

"Reach for the Gun" from "Chicago", the Wyke cross-college production

"All that Jazz" - Aspects of Chicago

The Breakfast Club

Dance Solo by Myles Hall

Dance Solo by Elise Johnson

"Dont be a Jerk" Wyke Winter Showcase

"All that Jazz" performed at the Wyke Winter Showcase

Wyke Sixth Form College Dance at Freedom Festival 2014

Freja Gift - Award Winning AS Drama & Theatre Studies student

Wyke Dance student Martha Godber performs at the Dance Showcase

Olivia Haywood performs her A level Dance solo

Wyke Performing Arts student Georgia Roe stars in "A Chorus Line"

"Little Shop of Horrors" - "Skid Row (Downtown)"

Philippa Branton Dance Audition

"Sing!" from "A Medley of Musicals" by Wyke 6th Form College Drama & Performing Arts students

Wyke College Dance students perform at "Fresh" 2012

The Bacchae - Wyke Sixth Form College

Wyke Winter Showcase 2011

Cinderella - A Contemporary Musical Fantasy

AS Dance Performance by Harley Lough & Chelsea Boyer

Cinderella - A Contemporary Musical Fantasy - Abigail Hyde & Jack Beedle

Wyke College Dance Duo

Dance at Wyke College

A2 Dance perform at Wyke Showcase

Joanne Frazer Audition Performance

"Been on A Train", Kelly Harvey, Wyke Sixth Form College

AS Dance Performance at the Freedom Festival 2011

Martha Godber performs an extract from "Right"

"All I Want for Christmas is You" Wyke Winter Showcase Finale

"Rhythm of Life" from "Sweet Charity", Wyke Sixth Form College

An Extract from Dance student Emma Holt's Showcase Performance

"Reach for the Gun" - Aspects of Chicago 2016

Dance Trio by Imogen Wright, Mia Coates & Francesca Hutchinson

Aspects of Chicago 2016

Wyke Dance Showcase "Chandelier"

Wyke Award Winning Student Annie Lewis

The Greatest - Wyke Dance Troupe

Alex O'Malley Results Day Interview

Wyke Students Star with Royal Ballet

Private video