BTEC Level 3 – Applied Law

Law involves analysing a wide range of issues and problems. It is a vibrant and exciting subject. It helps you to be self-confident in dealing with issues, disputes and other people. You will study specific areas of English law in detail and you will develop excellent, and transferable, analytical skills.

  • Who Is This Course For?

    Law involves analysing a wide range of issues and problems. It is a vibrant and exciting subject. It helps you to be self confident in dealing with issues, disputes and other people.

    You will study specific areas of English law in detail and you will develop excellent, and transferable, analytical skills. A few schools offer GCSE Law but most do not. So, we build on your existing skills and your interest in legal issues as you embark on studying what, for most, is a new subject. This course is 100% coursework based and will suit students who wish to study the subject through assignment based assessment, rather than examinations.


  • Course Details:

    Exam Board


    There are 3 units in each year of the two year course.

    Unit 1 – Dispute Solving in the Legal System

    1. Understand the hierarchy of the court system
    2. Understand the roles undertaken by the personnel of the courts
    3. Know about the alternatives to the courts
    4. Know about the finance of advice and representation

    Unit 2 – Understanding Law Making

    1. Understand how legal rules are created by precedent
    2. Understand how statutory rules are made
    3. Know how statutes are interpreted
    4. Know the importance of the European legislative process and its institutions

    Unit 3 – Aspects of Legal Liability

    1. Understand the impact of the law of negligence
    2. Know the rules on damages
    3. Understand the elements of a crime
    4. Know the aims of sentencing

    Unit 4 – Unlawful Homicide and Police Powers

    1. Be able to apply the law on murder
    2. Understand the law on voluntary manslaughter
    3. Understand the law on involuntary manslaughter
    4. Know the regulations regarding the detention of suspected offenders

    Unit 8 – Aspects of the Law of Tort

    1. Know the elements of the law on liability for economic loss and negligent misstatements
    2. Be able to apply the law on negligence for psychiatric harm
    3. Be able to apply the law on negligence for occupiers’ liability
    4. Know the law on private nuisance

    Unit 10 – Aspects of Family Law

      1. Understand the legal obligations of relationships
      2. Be able to apply the law on cessation of relationships
      3. Know the law relating to children
      4. Understand the law on maintenance

    Each of the units will be assessed by way of continual assessment. There is no examination.

    How the course is delivered

    There will be four 70 minute lessons each week. The half of the lessons will take place in the computer labs, enabling students to access the internet to conduct research and complete assignments. Textbooks are also available. In the course of the lessons students will access topical news reports to highlight the relevant topics and there will be opportunities to visit the local courts and listen to relevant guest speakers.

    Departmental Enrichment

    Alongside visits to the courts and any guest speakers that are invited to address students, the department also participates in the National Bar Mock trial competition. This involves a team of Wyke law students taking on the role of barristers, court officials, witnesses and defendants in mock trials. The team competes against other colleges and schools at Leeds Crown Court where their performances are judged by actual Crown Court Judges. In 2014 and in 2015 our team reached the Regional Final.  We have a timetabled Law Society and have arranged a wide variety of exciting opportunities to widen the legal experience. We also had a combined visit to the Houses of Parliament and the Supreme Court in London.

    Law at Wyke Sixth Form College

    Lauren Whittaker (Head of Subject)

    Joanne Golding 

    Anthony Yearwood

    Alistair Houghton

    Head of Faculty: David Green

    BTEC Applied Law has three dedicated teaching/computer rooms in the Wilson Building, the Ash Building and the B block. These are air conditioned rooms with up to date computers. Students are provided with up to date textbooks, highly effective printed notes linked to integrated assignment material, and a constantly updated DVD collection and online materials. Our Moodle presence is impressive and is to be expanded.

    What can I do now that would help prepare me for this course?

    To gain more information regarding the course syllabus, you should follow the link to the Edexcel website.

  • Progression:

    What does this course lead to?

    Many students who take Law at Wyke Sixth Form College go on to university and become qualified lawyers. Over two hundred of our students have moved on to study law at university in the last ten years including our BTEC Diploma students. Many of our students have followed different career routes, making use of the analytical and communication skills that the subject provides.

    As well as a career in law, journalism, marketing, public relations, teaching, business and government are all careers that utilise the skills and knowledge that the subject provides.  The BTEC Level 3 Certificate and Diploma in Law will facilitate access to Higher education courses in the subject.

    Student Success

    In 2013 our results were outstanding with 80% of BTEC Certificate students gaining Distinction or Distinction* and 80% of BTEC Diploma students gaining Distinction or Distinction*. In 2014 75% of out Certificate students achieved Distinction or Distinction* and 80% of Diploma students achieving Distinction * with 93% gaining at least a Distinction. Five of our Diploma students have gained places at University in 2014 to study Law.

    In 2014-15 our results were outstanding again with 96%of our students gaining a Distinction* (starred), our BTEC Applied Law Diploma students were in the top 1% of the country.

  • Course Showcase:
    “…and the finalists today are Wyke Sixth Form College…”
    In 2015, Wyke Law Department made it to the regional final of the National Mock Trial Competition. This was a massive achievement as Wyke was competing against fifteen other experienced schools and colleges drawn from North East Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.