A Level – Geography

This Geography A Level course will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of how the world works and how the people in it interact.

Geography students in Italy
  • Who Is This Course For?

    Geography is a great choice of subject to study at a time of growing concern about climate change, shrinking energy resources and global poverty; it is one of the most relevant courses people could choose to study for our times.

    Geography also gives a wealth of skills and knowledge that will be valuable for life beyond College and will open minds to endless career possibilities that may not have been considered. If you have enjoyed geography in the past you will love it at Wyke!

  • Course Details:

    Exam Board


    A level Geography

    Component 1 – Physical Geography

    This will be examined in a 2 hours and 30 minute exam and will comprise 40% of the A Level.

    • Water and carbon cycles
    • Coastal systems and landscapes
    • Hazards


    Component 2 – Human Geography

    This will be examined in a 2 hours and 30 minute exam and will comprise 40% of the A Level.

    • Global Systems and global governance
    • Changing places
    • Population and the environment


    Component 3 – Geographical Investigation

    Students complete an individual investigation which must include data collected in the field. The individual investigation will be based on a question defined and developed relating to part of the specification content. The student will produce a 3,000 – 4,000 word report which will comprise 20% of their A Level mark.

    Method of Assessment is 80% Examination, 20% Coursework.


    How the course is delivered

    Students will attend four 70 minute geography lessons per week and will complete a minimum of four days of field study.

    Geographical skills will be taught alongside the main topics with a river fieldwork trip providing an opportunity to exercise the skills.


    The Geography Department at Wyke Sixth Form College

    Kerry Spamer – Head of Subject and Teacher of A Level Geography
    Cyril Clark – Teacher of A Level Geography
    Adele Sturgess – Teacher of A Level Geography and ELA Support
    Rachel Hitchenor – Head of Faculty

    Each student will receive their own textbook and have access to online resources to support their studies during the two years. They will also have access to a library of geography books, fieldwork equipment, geography magazines, geofiles and weekly workshops. Each student will receive personal guidance and study materials to ensure that they reach their potential. In 2017 the departments fieldwork was recognised in the publication of an article in ‘Teaching Geography’ which was widely praised.

    Departmental Enrichment

    Lunchtime workshops are provided to allow students to brush up on skills and techniques and one to one support is offered if needed. As well as this the department provide lots of additional help in-between lessons and by email.

    The Geography Department believe that fieldwork is a vital part of geography; students will have the opportunity to take part in a number of field trips to complete their studies. In the past these have included a day of data collection at Helwath Beck in the Yorkshire Moors and residential field trips to Iceland, Naples and Sicily.

    In addition to this the department runs a geography newspaper enrichment class two lunchtimes a week.

    What can I do now that would help prepare me for this course?

    To be successful in geography, students will need to ‘think like geographers’. What is happening in the world today is very important to gain a broad, realistic and up to date understanding of the subject. Students are advised to watch the news and collect articles about any geography related topics.

    The news is full of geography and therefore to narrow down the search students are advised to look at the topics above to start their collection. It is also recommended that students refresh their geographical skills throughout the summer. A full list of skills can be found on the AQA website in the Geography specification.

  • Progression:

    Student Success

    Our A Level Geography results are consistently above the national and college average. In the last years, we have continued to achieve a 100% pass rate. In 2017, our students achieved 7 A* and 16 A grades, making 2017 another successful year for the department.

    Charlotte Hamer achieved an A grade and is now studying Geography at The University of Leeds
    “Choosing to studying geography at Wyke was the best academic decision I made going into A Levels. I gained a breadth of knowledge, understanding and skill from geography that could not be replicated in any other subject. My teachers inspired me to read beyond my lessons, to gain deeper understanding, and to question and critically analyse further research. Geography at Wyke has set me up to move on to my undergraduate study at university and to become a very employable graduate.”